About The Conference


EV Auto Show Riyadh 2024 brings together the industry's most influential minds who will share their insights and successes, discuss the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable future, and show attendees how their organization can help accelerate the transition to a cleaner, less polluting form of transport.

The 2024 Conference will focus on Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, Urban Air Mobility, Charging Technology & Infrastructure and dedicated to EV Industry experts, EV Charging Equipment Manufacturers and Charging Infrastructure Developers to explore and establish electrical infrastructure and charge points to meet the needs of a new generation of electric vehicles and a platform to discuss about the development Challenges and opportunities in the industry and a high-level networking for the people of Electric Vehicle Charging Technology & Infrastructure sector. It is also an open platform to exchange the views, share the knowledge to promote the EV Charging infrastructure in Saudi Arabia .


The conference will create a single platform where the Government, Non-Government, Industry Associations, Autonomous bodies, EV Manufacturers, Charging Infrastructure Provider , Research and Development organizations ,Battery Management Systems , Renewable energy Departments and concern government institutions ,Buyers, Sellers, Training Centres, Investors, corporate and others of various industry professionals get together in one venue, thereby enabling the growth of EV Industry.

Explore how collaboration among government, business and research institutions can help deliver a sustainable transportation system that reduces emissions, increases supply chain diversity, enhances safety and reduces costs.