Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center, Saudi Arabia..

About the Event

Welcome to the Third Edition of the EV Auto Show - Saudi Arabia's Leading Electric Vehicle and Technology event!

Pioneering Electric Mobility

The EV Auto Show is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution in Saudi Arabia. As the region's leading event dedicated to electric mobility and technology, we're driving innovation, fostering partnerships, and advancing the future of sustainable transportation.

What Sets Us Apart?

Diverse Exhibitions: Explore an impressive array of electric vehicles, charging solutions, and green technologies from global industry players.

Expert Insights: Engage with visionary thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators through interactive seminars, panel discussions, and networking sessions.

Sustainable Future: Join us in paving the way for an eco-friendly and sustainable future of mobility.

Community Hub: Become part of a passionate community of EV enthusiasts, professionals, and forward-thinkers who share your vision for a greener world.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet profound: accelerating the adoption of sustainable and eco-conscious transportation solutions in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Electric vehicles are more than a trend; they're the future, and we're here to help you be a part of it.

Why Attend?

Discover Innovation: Witness the latest advancements and breakthroughs in electric mobility that reshape how we move.

Network and Collaborate: Forge valuable connections with industry peers and potential partners.

Learn and Grow: Dive deep into electric mobility through informative sessions and hands-on experiences.

Support Sustainability: By attending, you play a vital role in supporting environmentally friendly transportation alternatives.

Join the Revolution

The electric vehicle revolution is underway, and the EV Auto Show is your ticket to be a part of it. Register now and be part of the driving force behind a more sustainable, cleaner, and electrifying future of transportation.